Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and Over
By Nina Bagnall

Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 And Over is packed full of suggestions and helpful tips to inspire, motivate and help you gain control over the next chapter of your life. Author Nina Bagnall has written a book that covers everything from diet to alleviating stress. Do you feel bloated or lethargic? Are you suffering from sleep loss? Do you find yourself sad or depressed for no reason? Nina provides the best, up-to-date information on how to stop lamenting over your age and start living life to its fullest. Her positive approach will have you celebrating what just may be the best time of your life. Inspired by her own experience, Nina gives advice on the foods that you should eat and the ones to avoid. Need a new exercise plan? Nina’s energizing and fun workout will have you motivated to move. Not happy with your physical appearance? Through her research, she’s come up with fantastic tips to smooth and take care of your skin so that the youthful glow you thought you’d lost is possible again. You’ll also fi nd ways to relax through simple meditation practices. It’s all here in LOOKING GOOD FEELING GREAT LADIES 50 AND OVER. Take a peek inside and take charge of your life—you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!  

About the Author

Nina Bagnall was a commercial business professional and is now a writer. She grew up in England and now spends several months of the year with her husband Gary on the Costa Blanca. She has two daughters, Anna and Katie. Ms. Bagnall is currently working on her second book, a children’s adventure narrative. LOOKING GOOD FEELING GREAT LADIES 50 AND OVER is her first book.

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In writing Looking good, Feeling great, Ladies 50 and over, Nina Bagnall has provided women with a powerful resource for staying healthy, looking good, and feeling good about themselves as they grow older.  I especially appreciated the fact that Nina is speaking from personal experience, offering advice that she has practiced and obviously researched.  In the introduction, the author discusses the role of today’s independent women who may have chosen to work outside the home. Many are less physically active and are driving to their shorter destinations instead of walking or cycling.  Some may join a gym but how often do they show up, and are they participating in the correct types of exercise?  Nina stresses the importance of balance when it comes to exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation. 

Though this book is less than 100 pages, the information contained therein is very powerful.  Readers should take seriously the author’s warning to consult frequently with one’s physician if there are special health considerations. The pages of this book offer women—50 years of age and beyond—information that is life-changing.  Since this is a brief review, I will mention some of the subjects covered and information that I found to be particularly helpful.   

The first chapter on menopause discusses hormonal changes that take place and the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy.  The author suggests natural remedies that will help with hot flashes, controlling weight, mood swings, vaginal dryness and loss of bone strength.  I have successfully used some of these remedies. 

As far as diet is concerned, Ms. Bagnall devotes much information to the subject of eating properly.  In one chapter, she tells us to stop eating our meals in front of the television; instead we need to gather around the table and sit in a chair that will help our posture and digestion. I had to plead guilty when reading this as my own family does this way too often.  Nina discusses the basics of good nutrition, including the nutrients that we get from carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.  She mentions that she suffered from IBS and, since I also have been diagnosed with this, I was particularly interested in the section on water soluble and insoluble fiber.  As do many health professionals, the author expresses her belief that, if individuals eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, they will get all the vitamins and minerals that their bodies require. Of course, fast food is mentioned and referred to as the tragedy of the modern age. 

It is my belief that one of the most important contributions to this book are the fruit, vegetable, nut and seed charts which show mineral and vitamin content.  I plan to have this book with me the next time I go grocery shopping. In addition to the subjects I have mentioned, the author discusses metabolism, exercise and why it is so important to drink lots of water.  The pages of this book influenced me to the point that I am going to begin a new procedure for starting my mornings as well as living my days which should help in my transformation to a healthier person who will be able to ignore age and enjoy life.  Learning to relax and to take care of my lungs are both very important—the author has asthma and points out the well-known dangers of smoking. 

Toward the end of the book, Nina Bagnall teaches us how to take care of the body from the outside, dealing with topics that will interest all readers.   She doesn’t wear makeup; perhaps she doesn’t need it because of the healthy lifestyle she is living.  There are additional tips to help us on this transformation journey. 

This is an all-encompassing self-help book that I hope readers will purchase for themselves and others who are fifty years of age or older.  Although many subjects apply to a particular age group of women, I believe men—also younger women—will find much valuable information to help them maintain better health. I highly recommend this book and suggest that you buy several copies and give them as gifts.  

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Book Reviewers

Although this is a topic many women keep researching, it is not a new topic. However, the Information presented by the author is very informative and she offers many valuable and Inexpensive solutions.

The first chapter starts out with a bang - menopause. Usually books I have read on the topic the author has chosen hide menopause in the back part of the book. She makes great points about taking Hormone Replacement Therapy and concerns she has like getting cancer. Her recommendations on finding foods that have Omega 3, vitamins, calcium, and fiber were very helpful.

The second chapter talks about dietary factors- heavens we all know about that subject; we’re on/off diets all our life. Again, she provides some great information on what to drink and eat, plus the importance of getting enough sleep.

I found the chapter on mind and body to be a very important one. In today’s world we are running amuck most of the time- we get stressed, don’t get enough sleep and eat on the run, if we eat at all.

The mind and body are connected and when we are worn out – our attitudes change and we tend to become sick. Ms. Bagnall’s suggestions on relaxation were quite informative.

I liked the way the author addressed each topic- it was if she was just sitting down and talking to you. There was no judgment, nothing saying “do it my way or else.” “Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and Over” by Nina Bagnall is easy to read and very thought-provoking."

Carol Hoyer, PhD

Nina Bagnall's book "Looking Good, Feeling Great, Ladies 50 and Over" is a great resource for women entering the era of 50, or are in it. The information Nina provides isn't new, but what is so great about this book is the fact all the information you need to look and feel good is contained within 82 pages. The book is concise, educational, and informative. Most of the book is dedicated to providing information to have a healthy internal body, for example: dietary factors, free radicals, metabolism, mind and body, and sleep. She also covers external issues such as skin, hair, nails, and eyes.

Nina's passion in her own life comes through her writing. It is obvious she did much research for her own use and is now sharing it with other women. I highly recommend "Looking Good, Feeling Great, Ladies and Over" to all women because you're never too young or too old to start the regime for better health."

Irene Watson
Author of the "Sitting Swing”


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